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Here at BGM we are a collaborative team of specialised freelancers and companies who work together to
produce, edit, and customise various aspects of media (music loops, graphics, websites, and more) associated with our customers online presence requirements.

▶ If you are a company, influencer, or just a part-time streamer or hobbyist, looking to grow your online presence; we can do it for you at affordable rates.
▶ Our store link (coming soon) will showcase various prefab media for purchase.
▶ Not finding what you’re looking for in our store? Contact us directly to let us know how we can help you develop what you need.
▶ Click on the mail icon above to contact us directly. You may also chat with us on our discord server which is available 24/7.
▶ Links for all our other social media are above as well. Do feel free to visit those platforms and follow us to receive updates on BGM.

▶ Websites + setup + design + SEO tools / Customised graphics / Audio resources (Voiceovers, Sound Effects, Music).
▶ Logo Design - From conceptualisation to finish.
▶ Stream design + setup + promotion / Overlays / Audio (Sound Effects, Music).
▶ 3D Design and creation.
▶ 3D Printing available. Conceptualise your ideas. Photograph, Digitise or Advertise them.
▶ Supply of all the above media in prefabs at our online store are available for purchase soon.


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